Home Tour: Family Friendly Weekend Home

Home Tour: Family Friendly Weekend Home

Designing a weekend home in Hood River, Oregon for a family with two small children gave us the perfect opportunity to create a space that felt both sophisticated and fun. The outcome was a clean design with pops of color and layered textures.

Having already worked with the clients on their primary residence in Portland’s Dunthorpe Neighborhood, we were given carte blanche to design a home that felt entirely different—a refreshing weekend retreat from the hustle of the city.

We set out to design rooms that flowed seamlessly together across the open floor plan, building off some existing pieces, while sourcing many others. The outcome was a palette of colors, styles and pattern that could all play together with a coordinated, yet eclectic feel.

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The family room serves as a functional, yet beautiful focal point for the main living area. The colorful rug informed the other color choices, balancing warm and cool tones for an even feel across the modern space. 

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The dining space is dominated by a large original art piece commissioned to highlighting the family's love of horses. The farm table and chairs are family antiques from Upstate New York.

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The boys' bedroom was inspired by a modern Scandinavian camp vibe. The mini-teepee was the jumping-off point, with colors and patterns carefully selected to give the room a youthful, yet never campy feel. 


The master bedroom was designed as a primarily adult escape, featuring a pure palette of whites, greys and black, juxtaposed over warm hardwood flooring and casework.  

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We loved this project for its simplicity and fun. Weekend homes are always a joy to work on, because clients are often willing to take risks or design in a style they might not be as open to in their every day spaces.

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