How to Make Your Bed Like a Pro - Pillows

How to Make Your Bed Like a Pro - Pillows

They say one of the best habits you can develop in life is to make your bed each morning when you wake up. Aside from the personal satisfaction, having a handsome bedscape is a must when entertaining. But few of us have time for complicated set ups when coffee is waiting and work or home life is calling. 

In this article, we're going to cover five simple ways to set up your bed using pillows, and later this week, we'll be featuring an article on ways to make your bed using covers and throws. 

How to make my bed


And we really mean it. Stacking pillows, rather than leaning them is a more updated way to make your bed. In this set up, just get an extra set of pillows and cover them with a sham (the case that usually comes with a comforter) or a simple pillowcase. Wake up, throw them on top, and you're good to go. 

How to make my bed


Still incredibly easy, but we're adding an accent pillow to the mix. The accent pillow can be square or rectangle, but if you choose a rectangle, it should most definitely be smaller in dimension than your main pillows. Another option here is to do one really long lumbar pillow like these awesome ones from The Citizenry

How to make my bed


If you're looking to lean your pillows rather than stack them, this layout offers an easy way to get the look without too much fanfare. A double layer of pillows (again front layer with a sham or nice pillowcase) and an accent pillow in front. 

How to make my bed


If you want some extra pop, accent pillows can be a great way to add color and pattern to your bed. This setup adds square accent pillows in front of your base pillows and an additional rectangular, or bolster, accent in front of that. 

How to make my bed


The large square pillows at the back in this set up are called Euro Shams, and they don't actually need to be fussy (or feminine) at all. Euro Shams usually measure 26"x26" and are great not only to add layering to your setup, but are especially useful if you enjoy reading in bed. 

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What are you favorite ways to make your bed, and what styles of accent pillows do you use? We'd love to hear from you! 

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