Casual Eclectic Design

As we have worked with dozens of interior design clients over the years, we’ve discovered two nearly universal traits:

1 // Most clients want a home that feels casual, welcoming and comfortable.

2 // Most are looking for a home with an eclectic mix of styles and can evolve over time.

Combining those insights with our drive to create spaces that blend with the lifestyles of our clients, we’ve coined the term casual eclectic to describe the design style we excel at creating for our clients.

Casual - We believe home should be your favorite place in the world, and in a world that seems to be constantly speeding up, home is a place to slow down, relax, escape and entertain. It should be quintessentially comfortable, and never museum-like. Casual style is the opposite of stuffy or overly formal. 

Eclectic - Many of us have collected items for our home over the years. Those items span a variety of styles, and tell many stories. A mixture of various design styles within a home is versatile, feels lived in, and allows for great flexility. Eclectic style allows for periodic updates without requiring an entirely new space. 

Casual eclectic style varies from client to client and even room to room. We excel at helping you to create a space that represents the best you. 

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