Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify my own design style?

Many of our clients have a hard time pin-pointing their personal design style. Even more difficult is when couples or families try to meld their differing styles together. We suggest that rather than trying to pigeon-hole your style, instead search for images of spaces you like (or dislike) and try to work on defining what specifically you like. In our experience, most individuals have a taste for a more eclectic look that combines a variety of styles (Don’t worry, it’s our job to make sure all those styles look good together).

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What is your design style?

Though we are equipped to design to a variety of styles depending on our clients’ needs, we define our target design style as casual eclectic.

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How does your design process work?

We cater our design process to the lifestyle and design style of our clients, melding form and function throughout.

+ You can read a more detailed outline of how our process works here. 

Do you offer different levels of design services?

We offer three levels of residential design services designed to fit the needs of our potential clients:

  • Full Service Interior Design - complete projects from our design team
  • Studio Design Services - similar to hiring a personal shopper
  • E-Design Services - email-based services

+ Your can read more about our different design services here.  

+ Schedule design services or ask a question here. 

How does a design consultation work?

Our initial in-home interior design consultations are designed as information-gathering sessions for you and for us. These are generally very causal discussions as we walk through your home. 

The first portion of the meeting is spent getting to know you, the scope of your project, and styles that appeal to you. During the second portion, we give an outline our interior design process, discuss timelines and budgets, answer any questions you may have, and give an overview of our contract.

These meetings usually last 45-60 minutes, and we charge $250 for the time. Should you choose to work with us, the consultation fee will be applied as a credit on your account and is deducted from the initial design fee.

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How do I schedule an interior design consultation?

The best way to set up a consultation is by contacting us here.

If you’d prefer to talk with us, you can call our studio (503.206.8226) during regular business hours, and a member of our studio team will either schedule a consultation or have a member of our design team get back with you as soon as possible.

How do you charge for your services?

Our full service interior design is billed by the hour, and rates vary depending on the function of the work. We believe interior design is a service of great value, and happily share our pricing publicly.

+ You can review our rates here.

Do I receive a discount on furniture I buy from you as an interior design client?

Yes! Full service interior design clients will receive a 20% discount on our retail price of the thousands of items available through our trade-only vendors. 

How much should my project budget be?

We get this question a lot. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, and budgets vary depending on wide raged of variables. More important than what you should spend, is what you are willing to spend. We suggest clients assess what they want to spend on a project before we initially meet with them. Openly discussing target budgets from our first consultation helps our team to develop an accurate scope and as needed, discuss trade-offs. 

How much of my budget goes toward design services?

The portion of a design budget that goes toward design services varies a great deal depending on the scope of the project and the level of service a client may prefer. We typically tell clients to expect to allot approximately 20% of their overall budget toward our design services.

What costs do I need to consider for my budget?

The majority of your budget will be dedicated to purchasing items for you home. A portion of you budget will also go toward our design services. Aside from those costs, generally the only other cost to consider is delivery. We work with licensed movers (whom bill you directly) to delivery white glove service at you install. The costs vary depending on the size of the project, and we can give you a better estimate based on your project. In some cases we may deliver items to you directly, without hiring a moving service. These deliveries cost at least $50, depending on the size of the delivery. 

How often do you bill during projects?

We bill clients twice a month for hourly and other design-related fees, and as needed for orders. In some cases, invoices for design work will be combined with invoices for orders to streamline the process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards, and personal checks from our full service design clients. Credit card charges for anything other than hourly design work incur a three percent processing fee. 

Can I return an item that’s been ordered for me?

We work very hard to make sure that our clients love the items we’ve selected before they are ordered, but in the case something just doesn’t work out, we accept returns for most items.

+ You can read our return policy for full service design here. 

I already have an architect/contractor, will you work with him or her?

We are always happy to work with architects or contractors with whom our clients already have a relationship. All third-party work is contracted directly between our client and contractor, but we often work in conjunction with architects and contractors as the project design lead, and as needed, project managers.

I don't have an architect/contractor, do you have one you can recommend?

Yes. We have a network of third-party architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. we can recommend to help with anything from complete builds, to remodels, to simply installing a light, or moving a sink.

How long does the design process take? 

The length of our process varies based on the scope of the project, the needs of the client, and our current work load. We seek to move at a pace that our clients are comfortable with after discussing target timelines for completion. While we can sometimes turn a project very quickly, the delivery of furniture can often take several weeks and is out of our control. As such, unless the project is very small, we rarely work on timelines that demand completion in any less than 6 to 8 weeks.

How long before my furniture arrives?

The time it takes for orders to arrive varies a great deal depending on the source, stock availability, or custom-build timelines. Some of our sources can ship smaller items very quickly—perhaps arriving in a week. Others build their items custom per order and may take several months. We encourage open discussions of target completion dates at our initial consultations so that our design team can select and offer items that are appropriate for your timeline. 


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