How to Prepare for Your Interior Design Consultation

Our interior design consultations are an amazing opportunity for us to meet in your home to learn about you, your project, and how we can best work with each other to make your home your favorite place in the world. To make the most of this first meeting, we love it when clients take some time to prepare.

Here are five questions to consider to maximize your consultation. We've even included some suggested activities depending on the time you have to prepare.

Simply don't have time to prepare? No worries! We'll cover all these questions in our consultation. 


What is the style you want for your space?

5 MINUTES: Think about what are a few design styles that appeal to you.

AN HOUR: Put together a list of some retail stores or designers whose style you like. Pull up their sites and navigate to some things that you really like. 

AN AFTERNOON: Use home magazines, Pinterest or other sources to pull together images of spaces you like (or even dislike). 

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How do you use your space?

5 MINUTES: Think about top three activities you use your home for (relaxing, cooking, entertaining, movie-watching, reading, etc.)?

AN HOUR: Put together a simple list of the main activities you use your space for based on room. 

AN AFTERNOON: List out the main activities you use each room for in your home, including the numbers of people for each.


What rooms do you want to have designed?

5 MINUTES: Think about the rooms you want to have designed. 

AN HOUR: Write down each room you want designed and make a list of the items you already have.

AN AFTERNOON: Make a list of each room you want designed with a list of the items you want in each room, the items you already have, and any specific design elements you'd like for each room.  


What is your total budget for the project?

5 MINUTES: Think you target budget by naming a few furniture companies that have items at the price point you'd like to spend.

AN HOUR: Think about the target budget you'd like to hit and break that down per room to help guide priorities. 

AN AFTERNOON: Plan your target overall budget, break it down based on room and then make a list of any specific items you'd like to spend more or less on. 


What is your ideal timeline for project completion?

5 MINUTES: Think about what dates, events or other considerations would drive a completion date. 

AN HOUR: Consider when you need the project to be completed, and if it should be done all at once, or in phases.

AN AFTERNOON: Consider the scope of your project and if it will involve custom or ready-made furniture, contractors or other details that affect timelines. Think about if you are able to wait for specific items that may be on backorder or require longer lead times, or if you'll need to focus on in-stock, ready made items. 

Whatever time you have, thinking about your project in the terms outlined above can help to make our first meeting even more productive, setting us off on a great trajectory for an amazing project. 

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