Residential Interior Design

We believe home should be your favorite place in the world.

That principle drives us with every client we meet, every project we take on, and in each of our homes as well. It’s why we focus on a simple, personalized interior design process geared toward creating a space that represents the best you. Because home is a sacred space that reflects not just the style--but the lives—of all those who live therein.

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We believe in designing to a casual eclectic lifestyle. 

Interior design is a careful balance of form and function, or style and lifestyle. While most of our clients can tell us about the lives they lead, many confess in our initial consultation that they have a hard time pin-pointing their design style.

A casual eclectic space speaks to current trends, while evolving easily over time. Because great design is timeless. It appears effortless, and feels not coordinated, but collected and harmonious.

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We believe in living well.

Designing a space as personal as home gives us a unique glimpse into the lives of those for whom we design. We do not take that opportunity lightly. And it’s why our passion is that you love your space when we’ve completed our work and that you enjoy the process as well.

Part of living well is reducing stress by setting clear expectations. As such, we seek for open communication and transparency in the work we do. That’s why our rates, policies and other frequently asked questions are all available on our site. 

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We want to meet with you. 

Our initial in-home interior design consultations are designed as information-gathering sessions for you and for us. These are generally very causal discussions as we walk through your home.

The first portion of the meeting is spent getting to know you, the scope of your project, and styles that appeal to you. During the second portion, we give an outline our interior design process, discuss timelines and budgets, answer any questions you may have, and give an overview of our contract.

These meetings usually last 45-60 minutes, and we charge $250 for the time. Should you choose to work with us, the consultation fee will be applied as a credit on your account and is deducted from our initial design fee. 

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