Meet Our Team

Cosmin Bisorca

Cosmin’s love for art and architecture initially attracted him to interior design, and his passion has only grown seeing his clients’ lives improve through his work. He draws inspiration from his travels—usually to Europe—and the sights, sounds, materials and lifestyles found in diverse cities and countries of the world. Seeing the layering of colors and patterns, the old and the new, and a blend of styles all fuses together fuels his imagination. Cosmin’s work focuses on designing spaces that honor the style of the home and the people living in it. One of his first questions to clients is always, “how do you want to live in and interact with this space?” From there he builds a story of the lives that are to be led there as he creates eclectic design-scapes for each room. He truly ascribes to our mantra, that home should be your favorite place in the world and for this reason few things are as important to him as designing functional and beautiful spaces for others to adore, and flourish in. Cosmin is a founding partner at Christopher David and an accomplished artist. Native to Romania, his family moved to Portland when he was eight years old, where he has lived ever since.

Christopher Giovarelli

Chris was raised in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC where historic surroundings and a creative upbringing sparked his passion for design. His parents fueled his interests with frequent visits to nearby museums and monuments, and weekend trips to iconic residences from Montpelier to Falling Water to The Breakers. Initially planning to pursue studies in architecture, Chris instead opted for a liberal arts education, moving west for university, and the subsequent corporate climb. In 2012, Chris decided to retrace his earlier path, and left his position as director of creative and brand development for a national insurance company, to start Christopher David Home. Influenced by richly diverse East Coast eclecticism, while layering in a more relaxed West Coast style, Chris brings a casual eclectic aesthetic to his residential clients which also translates to the brand’s home collection. Chris, and his husband, David, live in Portland’s Pearl District with their shiba inu, Jack. In addition to his residential work through Christopher David, Chris regularly takes on commercial projects as a founding creative at Studio Butch.

Nolan Runia

From an early age, Nolan was exposed to design at home. Influenced by his mother’s ethos of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, his style exhibits a restraint that is elegant but never ostentatious. Nolan has found life to largely be an exercise in transforming one’s circumstances into an artful, personal story; and firmly believes in the distinctly human urge to make the world around us beautiful. Consequently, he is drawn to design in all of its forms and its ability to curate our stories and frame our lives. Being a well-traveled soul has helped him to recognize myriad potential that empty spaces have to become soulful places to eat, work and dwell. He thrives on building relationships with those he interacts with, and is a fan favorite with all of our clients. As a lover of people, Nolan brings a uniquely positive and personal touch to our brand that joins us together in our quest to provide joy and satisfaction to those we work with and whose home and lives we influence. Nolan has recently transplanted from Portland to sunny Los Angeles, where he continues to be involved with Christopher David as a partner and brand ambassador.

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